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About the Forum

“Navigating the Complexities of Maritime Supply Chain and Vessels’ Performance Management

Ships have been trading international waters since times immemorial. Before the advent of aviation, ships were the only reliable means of transportation for interocean or intercontinental trade. Even today, 90% of global trade is dependent on shipping. Maritime supply chains play a crucial role in global trade, connecting producers, manufacturers, and consumers across the world through the transportation of goods by sea. However, these supply chains can also be vulnerable to disruptions that can have significant impacts on businesses and consumers. During the pandemic, when the rest of the world had come to a standstill for a brief period, cargo ships still carried on with their jobs.

The operator of a ship is tasked with safely performing a challenging job at the highest level of efficiency. The owner is responsible for maintaining costs to maximize profitability, coupled with an adherence to safety for crew and environment. Data monitoring and collection provide the raw material to drive fuel efficiencies at all levels. The operational decisions made on a daily basis – how to plan and conduct a voyage, perform regular maintenance, monitor fuel consumption efficiencies and comply with regulations – impact all outcomes. Accurate vessel performance evaluation is essential for continuous up-to-date Fuel Oil Consumption (FOC) prediction, hull and propeller cleaning decisions and any assessment of hull/propeller adaptations. The gradual reduction in vessel performance over time is primarily due to the fouling of the hull and occasionally due underperformance of the propulsion installation.

The above and more, will be discussed at the 1st CSN  Cyprus Maritime Supply Chain and Vessels Performance Forum “Navigating the Complexities of Maritime Supply Chain and Vessels Performance Management”. The forum will take place on 20th March in Limassol  at the Carob Mill Conference Centre.

The forum is under the auspices of the Cyprus Shipping Deputy Ministry and supported by the Cyprus Shipping Chamber, Cyprus Marine Club, CYMEPA, WISTA Cyprus, YoungShip Cyprus, ICS Cyprus branch and Clean Shipping Alliance.

The attendance of the forum is free of charge for all employees of shipping and shipping related organisations in Cyprus, but we welcome anyone who wants to contribute to the charity foundation supported by the conference by indicating it at the registration.

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Starting the day


Registration and Welcome Coffee
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Note from the organisers
Adonis Violaris, Managing Director, CSN


Welcome from the chairman of the conference
Manos Manoli, Chairman of Digitalisation Group – Cyprus Shipping Chamber


Address by


Keynote speech
Themistoklis Sardis, Chairman – AMMITEC

Vessels Performance session

In the ever-evolving landscape of shipping, technological revolutions have left an indelible mark, transforming computing, automation, connectivity, and digitization. While the realization of fully autonomous shipping is still on the horizon, numerous aspects tied to autonomy are already seamlessly integrated into maritime practices. Navigators no longer rely on large wall-clock-sized compasses; instead, the new era of shipping has ushered in an age where everything can be monitored on a small computer screen with fool-proof accuracy. 

This journey towards technological integration extends beyond the visual aspects of navigation. The integration of 3D and AI Smart Technology takes center stage, mapping the engine room for the meticulous reading, gathering, and manipulation of data. This initiative, combined with more traditional Vessel systems for Planned Maintenance (PMS) and Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment (QHSE) management, establishes a robust ecosystem. This holistic approach is not only fundamental for compliance but also a cornerstone for granted fleet operations and the overarching goal of improving performance. 

In the pursuit of sustainable shipping, emission control regulations necessitate vessels to collect performance and navigation data. This obligation drives the evaluation of ship energy efficiency, facilitated by onboard sensors and Data Acquisition (DAQ) systems. Beyond compliance, this session explores alternative fuels, seeking to identify the most promising options. Discussions span from environmental impact to operational feasibility, all within the context of a broader ecosystem of systems, each finely tuned to improve vessel performance and contribute to a sustainable future.

As we navigate this sea of innovation, regulatory planning becomes a crucial aspect, particularly with initiatives like FuelEU Maritime and Emissions Trading System (ETS). A harmonized ecosystem of systems ensures not only regulatory adherence but also the seamless orchestration of measures for sustainable and efficient fleet operations. 

In conclusion, this forum envisions an integrated approach where 3D and AI Smart Technology, coupled with traditional Vessel systems, steer the maritime industry towards excellence. By fostering an ecosystem of solutions, each finely tuned to the final goal of improving performance, the industry charts a course towards compliance, sustainability, and granted fleet operations.

  • Integrated Ecosystem for Maritime Excellence
  • Charting Sustainable Pathways with Alternative Fuels
  • Digital Fleet Management: Decarbonization and Operational Efficiency
  • Navigating Regulatory Compliance: FuelEU Maritime and ETS
  • Data-Driven Emission Reduction: Lessons from Maritime Leaders

2nd Session

Cybersecurity – setting up, maintaining and improving information security, protection against hybrid threats and protection of critical infrastructure of companies and vessels

Maritime Supply Chain session

Maritime supply chain management is the process of coordinating the movement of goods by sea from their point of origin to their final destination. It involves a complex network of shipping companies, ports, cargo handling facilities, and customs and regulatory agencies that work together to ensure the smooth flow of international trade. 

With the vast majority of global trade being transported by sea, the efficiency and effectiveness of the maritime supply chain are crucial for businesses and economies around the world. In this Forum, we will delve into the components of the maritime supply chain, the challenges it faces, and strategies for improving efficiency. We will also touch on the role of shipment visibility platforms in modern supply chain management.

  • End-to-end maritime supply chain;
  • Importers and exporters are demanding better cargo visibility from ports;
  • Security-related considerations; 
  • Resilient maritime logistics; 
  • Digitalisation acceleration at ports

Who should attend

Ports, regulatory agencies, shipowners, ship managers, seafarers, shipbuilders, ship brokers, ship repair facilities, technical service providers, etc.

3rd Session

Unlocking the potential of maritime satellite technology and empower global connectivity

3rd Session

Unlocking the potential of maritime satellite technology and empower global connectivity


Hybrid Connectivity and its ramifications for Maritime Operations and Crew
George Zervos, Head of Sales – Tototheo Maritime Greece




Closing remarks from the chairman
Manos Manoli, Chairman of Digitalisation Group – Cyprus Shipping Chamber


Charity Ceremony
Stella Violari, Editor – CSN
Dr. Truth / Ioannis Patiniotis
Rena Vegou, General Manager – ARGO


Thank you from the organisers
Adonis Violaris, Managing Director – CSN


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Manos Manoli.

Chairman of ICT Committee – Cyprus Shipping Chamber

Dr. Matthew Maheras

CIO - Metrostar Management / AMMITEC

Nadine Karali

Commercial Director, Corporate accounts & SMB, GR|CY|MT - Microsoft

Dr. Ioannis Patiniotis

Finance Director - Carras (Hellas) S.A.

Henrik Dan Kaspersen

Shipdex Competence Center Leader - MAN Energy Solutions

Natalia Bury Loyal

President - WISTA Cyprus / Chief Operations Officer - Tototheo Maritime

Marco Vatteroni

Secretary General / Technical Manager - Shipdex

Fulvio Solari

Chief Commercial Officer - Arribatec Marine

Dimitris Tzortzos

Managing Director - Pyli-net.com

Nikolaos Tsoulakos

Innovation & Technology Manager - Laskaridis Shipping

Dr. Anna Vazintari

ICT Manager - Unisea Shipping Ltd

Nikolas Manousis

General Manager - AΩΖ

Konstantinos Sakellakos

IT Manager – Navarone SA

Michalis Michaloliakos

Head of ICT/Cyber Security Strategy & Business Development – TMS Group

George Zervos

Head of Sales Greece - Tototheo Maritime

Stella Violari

Editor – CSN

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Carob Mill Conference Centre

Vasilissis Street, Limassol 3042, Cyprus

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