Marina Kroupenidou

Fleet Supervisor - MCTC

Marina Kroupenidou is a dedicated professional in the maritime industry, currently serving as Fleet Supervisor at MCTC Marine. Her journey into this dynamic field commenced with her studies in Maritime Studies at Frederick University, a deliberate choice fueled by the industry’s diverse, complex, and international nature.

Embarking on her professional career, Marina found her niche in the technical department of a ship management company, starting as an administrator and swiftly ascending to the role of Purchasing Officer. In this capacity, she oversaw technical supplies for a fleet of vessels, gaining invaluable insights into the intricacies of maritime operations during on-board visits.

Driven by a thirst for knowledge, Marina explored various departments within the shipping industry, eventually joining MCTC as a Purchasing Officer. Here, her responsibilities extended to victualing, offering a unique perspective on the profound impact of her services on the well-being of the crew. Witnessing the relentless efforts of those ensuring international trade’s smooth operation, she became impassioned about contributing to their lives.

The significance of quality food for those at sea became evident, with the Chief Cook emerging as a pivotal figure in ensuring the crew’s well-being. At MCTC, Marina is committed to supporting the Chief Cook by providing fresh provisions, guiding best practices, and facilitating onshore training to enhance their skills in managing a diverse crew.

In recognition of her dedication and contributions, Marina was promoted to the position of Fleet Supervisor at MCTC. In this role, she ensures the team consistently delivers the best services to the fleets assigned by their customers. For Marina, the happiness of their employees directly translates into the satisfaction of the crew. She fosters open communication, guides the team towards empathetic service, and shares experiences to create a positive work environment.

Being part of MCTC allows Marina to contribute to the well-being of seafarers, recognizing them as key personnel for the smooth operation of ships. MCTC’s primary vision is to establish itself as a premier provider of reliable catering services, taking a leading role in advancing maritime culinary education. Their commitment goes beyond standard requirements, prioritizing healthy and nutritious meals and fostering healthier eating habits among seafarers.

In every role and responsibility, Marina exemplifies excellence, commitment, and empathy, contributing to a safer and more compassionate maritime industry.

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