Zoe Georgiou

HR Manager – BSM Hellas

Zoe Georgiou completed her studies in Travel & Tourism in 1998 and started her career with BSM Hellas in 2005, in the Finance department. In 2008 she became a Technical Officer and remained under the Fleet Management department for 2 years, until moving over to LPSQ and then finally settling in HR. During her tenure as HR Officer Zoe has shown excellent soft skills and active positive team spirit to the team, while she also participated in various HR related trainings such as “The Essentials of HR Management” a 4-month program. Due to her consistent effort and managerial skills she was promoted to HR Manager in July 2019. She is currently participating in a 2-year program “Management Development Track” and also undertaking her MSc in HR Management which aims to improve skills and competencies and to also align our management with the increasing demands of our workplace.

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