Vangelis Dardanos

Technical Manager - Falcon Navigation

A 4th generation Naval Architect & Marine Engineer graduated from Newcastle upon Tyne in 1996. Originally from Hydra and based in Halkida and Piraeus where he has been active for the past 25 years from several positions in shipping companies Technical Departments.
As he has been abroad for many years, the experience and expertise he has is not irrefutable, in corresponding positions in Dutch, English and other companies ship management & ship owning.
As a Project Manager 5 years ago he took responsibility for the installation of SCRUBBERS for the Car Carrier Vessel fleet of the specific company from the study to the start of operation.
The study and appropriate plans were submitted to several shipyards for its installation selected laundry, as well as communication with the class for the relevant approvals. These works were successfully completed last February 2020, at the Odessos shipyard – Bulgaria. Ambitious and innovative, 52 years old, professional, and dedicated to providing excellent customer service and cost control in the management and processing of technical works. The deep technical acumen ensures top-notch project management, system upgrades, staff training and practical expertise. Quick familiarization with different environments of work and countries. Enthusiastic and team player, recognized by peers as a leader with excellent problem solving and analytical skills. Provide final written reports, as required and in a timely manner, detailed in-service repairs and investigations, including expenses.

Excels at multitasking and prioritizing tasks.

Highlights of specialization

– Leadership & team development
– Repair and maintenance
– Inventory registration and management
– Contract negotiation
– Drafting of a technical report
– Quality improvement & process
– Best practices and quality control
– Budget & Financial management
– Interfunctional skills

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