Theodoros Marneros

Managing Director – 3 Seas Shipping

Starting as a deck officer, our panel speaker made a significant transition from sea to office, showcasing remarkable adaptability and strategic foresight in his career. He joined BSM in 2007 as a Fleet Personnel Officer and was quickly promoted to Assistant Operation Manager in 2008. His proactive approach and leadership skills prompted him to embrace the challenge of launching BSM’s crewing department at Newcastle in 2009. By 2011, after serving a year as Acting Operation Manager, he was promoted to Operation Manager.

In 2012, he returned to Cyprus as a Crew Liaison Officer under the LPSQ with BSM, handling interviews for top-4 positions and dealing with various regulatory matters, including work and rest hours under the supervision of his managers. This role underscored his proficiency in managing personnel and navigating complex regulatory environments.

Seeking new challenges, he joined Interorient in 2015 as a Fleet Personnel Superintendent, further solidifying his expertise in crewing operations over three years. His career took another significant turn in 2018 when he accepted the position of Fleet Crew Manager at Vships. This role, however, transitioned into an opportunity to start his own venture, 3seas Shipping, in August 2019 following a restructuring at Vships.

As the founder and manager of 3seas Shipping, he has successfully steered his company through the competitive maritime industry, assisting various companies in Cyprus and abroad with their crewing needs. His journey reflects a blend of strategic decision-making, adaptability, and determination—qualities that are essential for success in the maritime sector and make him a valuable contributor to our panel discussion today.

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