Loukas Michalitsis

Performance Engineer - Navarone

Loukas Michalitsis is an experienced Naval Architect and Marine Engineer with a high technical & theoretical background and programming abilities. Experience is based on the diverse posts within shipping industry (shipyards, marine technical & design bureaus, maritime companies, marine digitalisation companies, naval architecture & marine engineering research institutes / universities and manufacturers of small crafts) he has served during his 30 years career in this industry. Familiar with ship resistance, propulsion and efficient ship operation and the tracing of pertinent problems. Specialized at Ship Design and Operational Performance Engineering to the target of marine fuels’ savings / fuel loss avoidance, improvement of vessels’ commercial profile to charterers, minimisation of charterers’ claims for over-consumption or time loss, trim and draft optimisation. Enhancement of energy profile of the company with reduction of harmful emissions and mitigation of the financial impact by minimising the environmental compliance or MBM remedial penalties. Presently is working as a Ship Performance and Environmental Engineer at Navarone SA, a ship manager of 27 Handy/Handymax geared bulk carrier vessels.

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