Dr. Ioannis Patiniotis

Finance Director - Carras (Hellas) S.A.

Dr. Ioannis Patiniotis is Financial Director of Carras (Hellas) S.A. and academic researcher in Human Resource management and the Artificial Intelligence.
Dr. Patiniotis has been working in the shipping industry since 1977 (46 years).
Dr. Patiniotis is Graduate in Maritime and Accounting and Post Graduate in MBA from Kinston University. He is Doctorate in Economy from European University, Swiss.
In Covid period he started a period of new studies. He received Diploma in Positive Psychology and Business and Life Coaching. A few days ago he received his last certificate in Artificial Intelligence study. He studied on a sandwich course of MIT – Sloan School of Management and Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.
Dr. Patiniotis is also an author, poet, radio producer on the philosophy of economic theories as well as a columnist in many and varied media.
Dr. Patiniotis is member of BoD of Association of Greek CFOs and Hellenic Association of Maritime Economists. He is also member of Association of Hellenic Ship Financiers, Hellenic Association of Positive Psychology, International Coaching Federation and the Hellenic Golf Federation.
Dr Patiniotis or Dr Truth, as this name expresses the inner meaning of AI, which is the truth, is the founder of many artificial intelligence applications, such as the “Soft Skills Certification” with which seaman can be verified the soft skills of seafarers, the “On board Coaching Empowerment” as seafarers can discuss on board with coaches about their problems, and “Ship Owner’s Information” an information system dedicated to the ship owner needs and requirements. For the history all above are managed by a Greek family startup company called “Pyli Net”.

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