Henrik Dan Kaspersen

Shipdex Competence Center Leader - MAN Energy Solutions

  • Shipdex Executive Member since 2007
  • MAN ES Shipdex Competence Center Leader
  • Certified Maintenance Specialist and Project Manager
  • Cambridge English Certified
  • Marine Engineer, served 2 years in the Danish Navy and 2 years in the Danish Merchant Fleet
  • Worked with MAN Energy Solutions since 1991 as Technical Writer, Maintenance Video Producer, Project Manager and Manager (since 2001)

“In my role as leader of the MAN ES Shipdex Competence Center, I am committed to aligning production tools and processes to meet the strategy for supporting the digital transition in the maritime community. I see Shipdex as a key enabler for a successful digital transformation, providing the foundation for intelligent and structured data and knowledge exchange between Ship Owners and Manufacturers – ultimately supporting product lifecycle management.
During the years, direct contact with Ship Owners has been extreme valuable to shape the Shipdex standard, and this is to continue, to meet new requirements and utilize new technical opportunities”.

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