Giampiero Soncini

Managing Director – Oceanly Srl

Giampiero Soncini is an Italian citizen who has worked all his life in shipping state-of-the-art construction, management and information technologies.
His career spanned 53 years, starting first in 1971 as an Italian Navy Officer; after completing the Naval Academy and the Engineering courses at the University of Pisa in Electrical Engineering, from 1979 to 1985 he supervised the construction of the Electrical plant of the Maestrale Class frigates.
Having left the Navy to join NATO, in the period 1986 to 1998, he was involved in the construction and management of NATO Research vessel Alliance, at that time the most advanced ship ever built.
In 1998 he left NATO to join SpecTec Italy, a company he had helped starting.
From 1998 to 2005, he managed SpecTec Italy and then SpecTec South Europe. In 2005, he managed to carve-out of SpecTec from the then owners, and became shareholder and CEO of the whole group.
In 2012, following the request of SpecTec main shareholders, SpecTec was sold to Volaris of Canada, part of Constellation Inc (CSU.TO).
In 2015 SpecTec reached the highest revenue and profitability ever.
In 2016 he became Director of Volaris Division, responsible to buy other IT related Marine companies. Under this role he was involved in buying ShipNet, SpecTec largest competitor.
In 2017 he decided to leave Volaris to join RINA, the Italian Classification society, where he became Senior Adviser, Marine Innovation.
In 2018 he left RINA to become CEO of IB Marine, a software company dedicated to innovative Fleet Performance software solutions.
In 2023 he managed to carve out the Performance business from IB, with the help of three investors, creating Oceanly.


In short

  • 14 years as Officer of the Italian Navy
  • 14 years ship manager at NATO
  • 14 years as CEO of SpecTec
  • 5 years in Performance / Oceanly


Giampiero is an European School Baccalaureate, has an MSC in Electrical Engineering from the University of Pisa, and a Doctorate in USA Public Administration (Honoris causa), from the Massachusetts Maritime Academy (received for “his significant contributions to the maritime industry”)

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