Fotis Tsitsirigkos

Fleet IT Manager at Euronav

Fotis Tsitsirigkos is Fleet IT Manager at Euronav. He manages a globally distributed IT team of skilled Fleet IT engineers, supporting 60+ vessels in their IT network, IT infrastructure, IT communications, and Cyber Security. He also leads all fleet IT operations, installations, and optimization projects to ensure a stable, secured and high-performing network on board of vessels and also the Integration between IT and OT systems that is a prerequisite for vessel automation projects. Before Euronav he held the position of IT Manager at Energy and Telecommunication Sector companies. His areas of interest are Cyber Security, IoT, Satellite Communication, Integration Projects, System Landscape Re-organization, System consolidation, ERP.

Fotis holds Executive MBA degree from University of Piraeus and Engineer’s degree from Polytechnion of Crete.

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