Vasilios Lamaris

Manager, Decarbonization Modelling & Services, Sales Support & Development - Wärtsilä Greece S.A.

Marine engine technical expert with almost 15 years of experience in the areas of engine development & testing, performance & emissions monitoring mainly in marine applications (diesel & dual fuel). Combines state of the art scientific knowledge (PhD level) with practical experience from field operations (vessels on-board etc.). Deeply involved in on-board data acquisition, engine performance evaluation, fleet operational optimization and emissions monitoring & compliance evaluation related to modern merchant vessels. Leading functionality in technical projects with important marine industry players (i.e. OEMs, Class Societies etc.). Aspiring to contribute towards new challenges in maritime industry e.g. decarbonization & digitalization. Has published numerous papers for international scientific conferences and journals.

Vasilios holds a PhD in Engineering and a Diploma of Mechanical Engineering from the School of Mechanical Engineers of the National Technical University of Athens

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