1st CSN Cyprus Shipping ICT Conference


The 1st CSN Cyprus Shipping ICT Conference was held on 24th September, 2020. The conference was under the auspices of the Cyprus Shipping Deputy Ministry and supported by the Cyprus Shipping Chamber, the Cyprus Marine Club, Cyprus Union of Shipowners, CYMEPA, WISTA Cyprus, YoungShip Cyprus and AMMITEC of Greece. The conference attendance was free of charge for all delegates.

At the 1st CSN Cyprus Shipping ICT Conference where together with key industry experts from industry bodies, shipowners, ship managers, service providers and equipment manufacturers looked at the operational aspects impacting this sector. We had lead discussions on Digitalisation, Cybersecurity, Smart Networks, Shipboard Connectivity and Remote Troubleshooting and ICT Challenges for shipping in 2020 as well as creating an Internet of vessels for real time data collection in this fastmoving modern market.

1st CSN Cyprus Shipping ICT conference 2020

Alexandros Josephides - Deputy Director General/Marine Manager, Cyprus Shipping Chamber

Vassilios Demetriades - Shipping Deputy Minister to the President

Anna Vourgos - WISTA Cyprus, President

Questions from the delegates:

@Vourgos So you do not think that there are no discrimination for crew making the change to shore position? I believe the industry has got caught in a loop think that diversity is all about genre, ethnicity and age, and forgets that educational and field experience is also factors that enhance diversity

Mark O’Neil - CEO, Columbia Shipmanagement Ltd

Questions from delegates:

@O’Neil Mark: but how to reach compatibility without standardization. The aviation industry has standards for everything including the Maintenance procedures. Shipping has no standards, and in Automation there are at least 5 different most used protocols.... and some are even encrypted!

@O’Neil Mark: first of all, as an "old" IT provider, thanks for stating that: "technology enhances human behavior, doesn't replace it". My question: there seems to be a disconnect between shipowners, shipyards and IT. I have seen brand new vessels delivered without thinking about digitalization: no torque meters, flowmeters without a digital output, automation plants without a connecting port or even worse with the automation plant asking extra money to allow connecting to a third party system. And the lack of standardization makes it even more difficult. Is there really an interest from shipowners to digitalize their vessels? Shipyards certainly do not appear to be driving the momentum

@O’Neil Mark: Agree with G.Soncini completly, Also how do you deal with Data quality issues. Often sensors are inacurrate and need calibration/replacing etc..

Zacharias Siokouros - CEO, CMMI

Questions from the delegates:

@Siokouros One of the biggest challenges that the digitial transformation faces are related to the way AI is applied. There are algorithms which are collecting data and, through tailor-made tools, can affect the decision making of the users. What are the initiatives or how the industry will protect itself against attempts that will focus on affecting the decision making for their own benefits? Is the industry prepare a relevant regulatory framework or this will be left on the companies to deal with? An extremely simple example is the forecasting of the energy required to perform a voyage optimized. Or forecasting the optimized revenue of the vessel based on the trading areas of a vessel. In both cases, through the decision-making process, an owner can experience loss or even accidents

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Dr. Ioannis Filippopoulos - Academic Director of Informatics & Engineering Division at Hellenic American University, AMMITEC Member

Questions from the delegates:

@Filippopoulos Dr. Ioannis: Yanni, great presentation, congrats! Please let us know if this system is "commercially" available. Furthermore, can it be integrated with the other systems that a company might have, like for example, ERP systems (Port calls data, 3rd party vessel performance software packages, PMS systems).

@Filippopoulos Dr. Ioannis: What are the technical requirements for the implementation of such a system onboard a vessel (Telecoms, cabling, IT infrastructure etc). How many days of attendance are required? Can it be done at sea? Thank you!!

@Giannis Filippopoulos. Hi Giannis, if Crew can override the collected data, then do we have a real digitalisation? Isn't this oxymoron?

@Filippopoulos Dr. Ioannis: how do you deal with ships which have no torque meters or flowmeters? And what is your experience with flowmeters ? Is it correct to state that Coriolis flowmeters are better than volume flowmeters?

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Kyle Hurst - Director Maritime Safety and Security - Iridium

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Marco Cristoforo Camporeale - Head of Maritime Digital, Inmarsat

Questions from the delegates:

@Camporeale Marco Cristoforo: Is the Fleet Connect and other bundles work on all platforms (FBB VSAT etc.)?

@Camporeale Marco Cristoforo: Fleet Data will be the Data communication system for how long? 10 years? Is it scalable for increased use of bandwidth?

@Camporeale Marco Cristoforo: Is any bundle offered to potential clients that they want to utilize live feeds on dedicated monitoring sensors

@Camporeale Marco Cristoforo: Is any consideration to incorporate mobile connectivity (sim) and sat connectivity for reducing the overall cost and enchase the connectivity?

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Natalia Bury Loyal - Chief Governance Officer, Tototheo Maritime

Baret Kouyoumdjian - Chief Financial Officer, Monarch Global

Manos Manoli - Chairman of Digitalisation Committee, CSC and IT Manager / Chief Information Security Officer, Marlow Navigation

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Gideon Lenkey - Director of Technology– Epsco Ra Security Services Ltd.

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