Tototheo Maritime

Tototheo Maritime specializes in innovative, efficient and functional solutions in the fields of digitalization, satellite and radio communication, automation and navigation systems. Headquarters are located in Cyprus and we have our own office in Greece and partner offices in Dubai and Singapore. Our vast experience in the maritime sector provides us with the unique advantage of in-depth understanding of our customers’ needs combined with our dynamic approach towards innovative technologies, thus allowing our clients to generate more value out of their daily operations.  Tototheo Maritime operates in a connected dynamic and sustainable maritime sector, supported by reliable and efficient connectivity and innovative technologies – all underpinned by the Tototheo values. We conduct our business with honesty and transparency, offering equal terms of treatment without prejudice. Our team’s foremost goal is to listen and confidently trek into the future while keeping a firm link to the present.


The KVH Story We are passionate about finding solutions for our customers – whether it’s broadband connectivity for a ship’s crew, satellite TV for a family onboard a boat, or fiber optic gyros for cutting-edge autonomous applications. Discover how we make it happen. A Global Leader Our commitment to our customers and services spans the globe – from our world headquarters in Middletown, Rhode Island, to our offices worldwide. News & Recognition Our entrepreneurial spirit, unique breakthrough products, industry awards, and passion for excellence keep us in the spotlight throughout the year. Behind the scenes, we believe in giving back to the community and supporting STEAM educational opportunities. Read the latest here. https://www.kvh.com

Olympus Engineering

Olympus Marine Group is fast gaining an enviable reputation with clients for quality service and the ability to provide fast track and conventional projects with a first class quality service on time, every time. Quality, reliability and integrity are the pillars of our business. The provision of excellent customer care is achieved by responding to the needs of our clients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and to ensure that their requirements are met or superseded. We seek to enhance our reputation through our objectives of being a well managed, ethical, and socially responsible company. https://www.olympusmarinegroup.com

Epsco Group

Founded in 1995 by Mr. Andreas Ioannou, EPSCO Group has become a diversified group of companies from its original offerings of safety services.  The company has offices in Europe and Far East with its head office in the heart of the thriving and continuously expanding port town of Limassol, Cyprus. Today, EPSCO ensures its services to the maritime industry are fully compliant with IMO and SOLAS demands as the core activity contributing to a hazard free exposure of contemporary seafaring life onboard approx. 2500-3000 oceangoing vessels at virtually at any worldwide port (even the most remote). Over two decades of continuous dynamic and versatile growth EPSCO has diversified into other areas within the maritime industry to accommodate their valuable long standing household named clients demands on a 24/7/365 basis emphasising on safety, security and operation in: Cyber Security Consultation & Management Ballast Water Management Systems Spare Parts and Critical Equipment and Machinery Reconditioning Ship Repairs and Drydockings Approved Marine CCTV design and supply and monitoring systems Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Onshore and Offshore EPSCO targets making a difference through its five core values; integrity, growth, innovation, compassion and drive.  The multitalented, highly experienced and diverse Board, the EPSCO team take pride in honouring its commitment to those whom it serves with a mindset that cooperation is the thorough conviction that nobody can get there unless everybody gets there. Web Page: www.epscocy.com


Monarch is a leading provider of global mobile satellite communications and marine technical services; we provide mobile voice and highspeed data services to almost anywhere on the planet; on land, at sea and in the air. We provide technical service on any vessel anywhere on the world. Our expertise in working in harsh environments has allowed us to develop expertise in delivering projects in tight deadlines, being creative and thinking outside the box which allows us to quickly solve office based projects in networking and IT setups. We work together with our customers and partners to develop innovative, customized solutions for businesses and organizations all over the world. These include major corporations from the maritime, media, oil and gas, construction and aeronautical industries, as well as governments and aid agencies. We work to truly understand our customers' businesses. We implement solutions that provide actual cost savings and other measurable business benefits beyond mere "informed decision making" rhetoric. That's why Monarch strives for providing the best technology with proven, "real" business benefits. We provide solutions that promote synergy between the people, processes, and partnerships that make up every business, by making the process of distributing reports, documents and data, and the process of customer service management, automatic, web-enabled, effortless processes. Monarch Group is constantly working to enhance its extensive portfolio of leading communication technologies with the industry's most comprehensive suite of value-added products and services. Designed to expand your capabilities and give you the business edge in your particular market, we call these value-adds The Butterfly Effect. https://www.monarchglobal.net/


OneOcean is making life easier for ship owners, managers and crew with a single solution to manage maritime compliance and navigation challenges. There are ever-increasing and demanding compliance and regulatory requirements to fulfil from IMO, Flag-State and MARPOL. Evidence and audit trails demonstrating fulfilment of compliance are needed for Port-State Control, customers, head office and other authorities. For the crew on board, keeping up to date is an increasingly time-consuming challenge. Simplify the process and enable your teams to move vessels quickly, efficiently and compliantly with a single integrated platform for compliance and navigation management. The Oneocean platform provides solutions around four main concerns within the maritime industry: Voyage Optimisation, Compliance, Safety, Environmental. OneOcean is the largest single digital solutions company in the maritime industry. The business supports nearly 20,000 vessels in their regulatory compliance and navigational activities, by providing innovative and integrated software solutions designed specifically for onboard and shoreside teams.

IB Marine

Born under the IT star early in the 80’s, IB -Influencing Business- focuses on design, development and implementation of enterprise asset management systems for the technical, maintenance and energy management of all kinds of assets for the Maritime Sector. A single web-based software system to support, digitalize and integrate a broad range of fleet technical and operational processes, complying with the latest regulatory requirements in the market: this is the essence of InfoSHIP™. Designed to be an ally for ship managers and operators, the software can be stand-alone or work in a multiconnected environment such as a fleet operation remote control center, making it highly adaptable to all kinds of clients. If what you are looking for is among the lines of efficiency, adaptability and top-notch technology, rely on our expertise in marine processes and invest in InfoSHIP™ solutions.


Cablenet is the only independent alternative telecommunications provider in Cyprus offering broadband, fixed telephony, television services through its wholly owned cable infrastructure and mobile telephony. By investing significant amounts, Cablenet has managed to build a remarkable telecommunications network from scratch, both nationally as well as abroad.It operates a pioneering Hybrid Fiber Coaxial (HFC) cable network which is fully upgraded to DOCSIS3.0 and is hence considered to be a Next Generation Network. This remarkable network offers broadband speed that can exceed 400Mbps per connection and supports multiple HD TV channels. Internationally, Cablenet maintains Points of Presence in the most important European interchange cities, with multiple connections between these centers and Cyprus, so as to ensure the protection of services and to optimize data routing. The high speeds and affordable prices offered by Cablenet result in the best “value for money” packages in the market for broadband access and integrated services. Cablenet’s packages include single-play ( internet only or television only), double-play (internet and television ) and triple-play (internet, television and telephony). For home use, Cablenet pioneers in broadband connectivity and offers the fastest communication in Cyprus, with Internet speeds that can reach up to 180Mbps! In addition to home services, Cablenet offers high quality services which have been developed based on the needs of all levels of business and corporate customers; whether these are small and medium enterprises or large corporations. Cablenet offers an extensive range of broadband internet access products (symmetric or asymmetric optical, coaxial cable, xDSL technology), Point-to-Multipoint WAN services both locally and internationally, Cloud services and fixed telephony services. Even though Cablenet is one of the newest companies to enter the market, it has succeeded in gaining significant market share in a very short time period. It continues to pioneer by virtue of to its advanced technological infrastructure, its well-trained staff and the introduction of innovative applications of modern technology into the Cyprus market. Cablenet operates five Customer Support Centers in the three major cities, two in Nicosia,two in Limassol center and one in Larnaca. For any queries regarding home services, our dedicated Call Centre representatives are ready to respond to any requests or queries you may have in a prompt and efficient manner on 130. For corporate services you may reach the Corporate Sales Department on 120.